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The Oregon Coast (Part 1)

June 10, 2017



After the long Amtrak ride to Eurek, CA, we caught a bus north to Prairie Redwood State Park. During our two weeks off, we drank copious amounts of beer and moved as little as possible; we knew we were in for a butt whoopin'. Our starting point was just north of the town of Orick. Skunk Cabbage road is a far cry from the desert that we left behind. Gigantic redwoods and thick ferns created a long, deep green tunnel around us. Banana slugs crept across the road lethargically. 



Past streams, and over downed trees, we wound down towards the beach.


If you're like us, and have never walked on the beach with a 30lb pack, well take our advice.... if you can avoid it, do... When we got to the beach we were all smiles. We had a five mile beach walk to Gold Beach State Park, and boy did we underestimate the struggle... Two miles in we were hurtin'. With three more miles to go,  we noticed a car flash between two sand dunes -a service road! Hallelujah!!!! We took the service road all the way to the campground and crashed out, hard... 


The next morning we were rewarded by one of the most beautiful hikes either of us had ever taken!









Fern canyon was beautiful. The canyon walls, lush with seven different types of ferns, rise 50ft or more above you. The stream bed, in some places no wider than 10-15ft, winds in a north-easternly direction. The path was not completely clear; we scrambled over and under piles of downed trees. We definitely recommend checking this spot out if you're ever in the area! 


The following day we made our way up to Flint Ridge campground. On the way we came across the last intact WWII radar station!?! Random, but cool!





The next morning we road walked to the town of Klamath and had some real coffee... Along the way we came across the beautiful remains of an old washed away bridge!






Ok... gotta jump forward...



Made our way to Crescent City, resupplied at Walmart, and hit the closest state park. Just north of the California/Oregon state line we made camp. Harris Beach was quite an adventure! At first we were in great company... 


Have you ever met a truely schizophrenic individual? Well... in any case, four cop cars, very little sleep, and we were on our way. 


The next day we placed our feet on the trail and we're overwhelmed by the flora! Perhaps a payoff for the night before?







Stay tuned. The adventure continues..

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