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From Desert To Redwoods

June 1, 2017

ABOUT DAMN TIME!!!  We've been so busy we haven't had time for an update... 


So, on today's episode of long @$$ hike 😜



Leaving Tehachapi, we still had no solid plan as to what we would do. Many folks were talking about "charging" into the Sierra with their "A Team" and we just aren't into that. Neither Katie nor I are mountaineers... We  embarked upon this adventure in hopes of getting the chance to live as many never do- intimately with nature. We want to enjoy our time in the outdoors. Purposefully putting our lives at risk is not our idea of fun, and is out of the question. Honestly, I fear for many of the hikers who, out of their element, decide to "charge" into the Sierra. 


  • Before I go on, I want to throw a quick shout out to JD, Liz, and Gabbi from Tehachapi! Thank you soo much for your hospitality! We are very happy to have made 3 new friends.  


OH!!!! The pumpkin bread was hamazing Liz!




Ok, moving on... Leaving Tehachapi we became a bit concerned. We knew that we only had seven or eight days to Kennedy Meddows, and no solid plan. We found ourselves a wonderful camp spot and thought long and hard about what we wanted to do.



We decided that we would not put ourselves in a situation that we are not comfortable with. Our new plan involved going home for two weeks to tie up a few loose ends, then heading up to the California/Oregon boarder to kill a month hiking the Oregon Coast Trail. 



This trail will add another 380 miles to our journey, and will hopefully allow time for snow to melt off. When we finish the OCT we will resume the PCT from the northern terminus. We know there will still be snow, but we believe it will be snow that we can handle. 



Around the 600 mile mark we started to realize that if we went all the way to Kennedy Meadows we would run into a huge crowd of hikers who have not figured out what they are doing...



We decided that we would hike fifty two more miles to Walker Pass, then hitch into Kernville for a couple pints of Just Outstanding at Kern River Brewing Co. If you've never been to KRBC, you've gotta go... Great beer, delicious food!


After a series of strange hitch hikes, we caught a ride with an awesome lady all the way into Bakersfield. The best hitches require little to no effort to keep up the conversation, and this was one of those. We caught an Amtrak back to Paso and took refuge at Casa De Summers.


  • We would also like to thank the lovely Judith Summers for opening up her home to us. Thank you for the wonderful conversation, and the botomless cups of coffee; we truly enjoyed our time with you. 



Almost immediately, I took to reassembling the engine of my 1979 Toyota BJ40 Land Cruiser. After five or so 12+ hour days, the beast was together! Soo much stress, gone... A huge thanks to Keith for being my second set of eyes and giving me a place to store this thing last min. I'm truly thankful. 





We had to put the Cruiser to the test, so we drove her to Fresno to see my rents. Thank god, everything went smoothly, she purrs at 55😋 We spent a couple nights at K&M's Serenity Spa where Brandi was gracious enough to let us sleep in her bed. You can see how excited she was to have us in the picture below.


Our next update will be coming from the Oregon Coast!!!!  





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